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Naprapath D.N. Jesse Miettinen

As a Naprapath I'm specialized in examining, treating and preventing conditions of pain and reduced functions in the neuromusculoskeletal system, for example neck and back pain or problems in the limbs.

Additionally I'm offering postoperative rehabilitation, physical coaching and massage.


Example of a treatment:

At our first appointment in the practice we would start our appointment with an interview, so I could offer the right therapy method and techniques for your problem. After that would follow the actual therapy treatment with qualified manual techniques and if necessary we would already do individual trainings to release the pain in this phase as well. At the end you would get specific instructions and advices for your exercise at home.

Miettisen Terapia
Naprapaatti Jesse Miettinen, Kotka

About me:

I'm a 31 year old married man and the father of two children.

My hobbies are football, jogging and gym.

Additionally to English I speak Finnish and German.


Education and titles:

2010-2014 Naprapath (Applied Sciences), Kotka

2016 Authorized and legalized physiotherapist in Germany, Landshut


Advanced education in Germany:

2016-2017 Effective postoperative rehabilitation (cervical and back spine, limb joints)

2018 medical breathing therapy


Work career:

2011-2014 Assistant naprapath during education at FC KTP (earlier FC KooTeePee)

2014 International traineeship in Germany, Physiofit, Kamp-Lintfort

2014-2015 Own practice in Finnland, Miettisen Terapia, Kotka and Kuopio

2015-2017 Physiotherapist and naprapath in Southern Germany, Praxis für Physiotherapie Pfrogner, Zwiesel

2017-2018 Physiotherapist and naprapath in Western Germany, Physiofit, Kamp-Lintfort

2018-now Naprapath in own practice, Miettisen Terapia, Kotka 




45 min.          -          67€

60 min.          -          79€


Flexible payments:

Card payment (e.g. Visa, MasterCard)

Payment by invoice within 14 days

Cash payment


Gift card:

(Gift card with envelope version, available at my practice)

Or get easily a PDF gift card version online:

To receive a gift card as PDF, please fill out the gift card form below. You will receive your gift card as PDF as well as the bill within 24 hours by email. The gift card can be printed in the size you want or the gift card number can just be shown at my practice. This service is free of charge for you. If you need the gift card as soon as possible please call me (044 235 2170).

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Opening hours:

Treatments only by appointment (9am-5pm).


Appointments before 9 am or after 5pm are possible.

Home visits are offered for patients, with disabilities to move themselves (against a litte drive and time fee).


Just contact me by phone or email (contact form).


Please use the BOOK NOW button for your appointment between 9am-5pm.

Of course you can also call me, send an email or Whatsapp.



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